I’m a fine art and commercial photographer based in Toronto, Canada. Upon graduating from the University of Toronto, I turned my passion for photography into a profession and have worked as a visual artist ever since. In a lot of my work I try to take a minimalistic and refined approach while having an obvious subject that stands out from its background. By limiting the number of distractions in the frame, it really forces viewer to see what I want to show them. 

My work is created to capture the minute and finite and showcase it in a way that it can be properly appreciated. I spend a lot of time researching my ideas and working through different challenges until my vision comes to life. What I love about photography is that I can express myself in a way that resonates with viewers. At its forefront, my goal is to show you the world in a way you might not have seen it before, from the head of a single matchstick, to a striking snake, I want you to see beauty in things you might not have thought beautiful before. I want to show you what the world looks like through my eyes.

Features & Publications:


Applied Arts Photo Annual 2018: Applied Arts Magazine
PDN Photo Annual 2017: Photo District News
Outstanding Photograph 2016: University of Toronto


Art Galleries:
Art Interiors | Canvas | Dimensions | OOG | Partial

Applied Arts Editorial
PDN Photo Annual
Applied Arts Photo Annual

Select Clients:
Castor Design | Tom Dixon | Nienkämper Furniture & Accessories, Inc.
LinkedIn Corporation | KLAUS | King’s College | Leo + Clive
Vinylguard Window & Door Systems Ltd.